Studio Policy

  1. Students and parents should observe these Notes and Conditions in order to maintain a happy and trusting relationship during the student’s course of private music tuition.  It is understood that these terms have been fully read, understood and accepted when tuition is confirmed and the student attends the first lesson.
  2. An account for tuition will be issued up to four weeks prior to the commencement of lessons in each new school term or quarter.  Payment must be received within thirty days of the date specified on the account.
  3. Consistently overdue accounts may result in the termination of lessons.
  4. As the weekly lesson time is reserved in advance especially for each individual student, it is usually not possible to re-arrange lessons or make up lessons when the student is unable to attend.  Lessons missed due to the teacher’s decision will be carried forward.  Lessons may be rescheduled with adequate notice of at least forty-eight hours at the teacher’s discretion.
  5. Lessons that are missed may be credited for continuing students at the teachers discretion, but refunds of discontinued lessons are not possible.  If students cease lessons before the end of a term, they will forfeit any pre-paid lessons.
  6. Parents are encouraged to attend lessons on occasion, which can be very beneficial particularly with young students.
  7. The teacher will decide the course of study for each individual student.  Entry into examinations, scholarships, competitions and music camps should be made on the teacher’s advice and recommendation.
  8. To gain the maximum benefit from private music lessons, students should be encouraged to maintain a regular daily practice schedule. 
  9. Written notice of the intention to terminate lessons must be made at least four weeks prior to the commencement of lessons.